Live performance at Madras Music Academy Dance Festival 2015

Choreography: Divya Devaguptapu, Composer: Kshetrayya

In this padam, the nayika (protagonist) is proud of the safety of her relationship with her husband. Her husband is away on a journey and she pens her thoughts and feelings thus – “if your feelings are just like mine, if you feel as much love as I do, all my austerities and devotion towards you have born fruit. Just as the fruit of the sugarcane grows in bountiful, similarly, our union upon your return will double in joy. You wont believe, I find your presence all around me – When I walk up the stairs I feel like you walk right behind me, when I sit down to practice my music and strum the tambura, I feel you sing right along with me and I even find myself having conversations and arguments with you…. Oh varada, who can I share all this with but you..”

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