bhAvAnubhUti is a celebration of bhavam (expression) steeped in classicism – a unique one of a kind presentation featuring some exquisite & rare padams of Kshetragna (17th Century Telugu Poet), through music and dance! Kshetragna’s padams are known for their rich melodic and poetic import. He used shringara as a vehicle for his mystic, transcendental communion with the lord Gopala of Muvva. The music set by leading vocalist Dr. S Sowmya is a unique combination of her lineage and her personal intellectual signature that reflects the special mood of each piece. It is performed by young Bharatanatyam exponent Divya Devaguptapu along with a musical ensemble.

Duration: 90 min Available 2016-2017

nAda sudha rasa – the sound of dance!

A very unique repertoire, this production brings to the visual medium of Bharatanatyam some of the gems of Carnatic music. The highlight is a unique Ragam Tanam Pallavi, composed specially by violion maestro and composer RK Shriram Kumar on the Mother Goddess Devi. A technically complex presentation, this new work is a true visual and aural treat for rasikas (connoisseurs) of Carnatic Music and Bharatanatyam alike.

Duration: 90 min, Performed solo with live music

AdhyAtmA… a spiritual experience

Bharatanatyam, a traditional classical dance form of South India, is a complex movement language – a confluence of melody, rhythm, emotions, story, mime, philosophy, poetry and spirituality. AdhyAtma celebrates the spirituality and grandeur of the mArgam (Bharatanatyam repertoire) through rare compositions. The emphasis is on a musically and philosophically rich Varnam extolling Devi, the Divine Goddess. Divya and her ensemble of musicians transcend the music, drama, rhythm and poetry, inherent to Bharatanatyam, creating an experience for the audience… a spiritual experience of sublime aesthetics.

Duration: 90 min, Performed solo with live music

Dvayam… dualities

We often encounter two states – around us, within us and in our perception. Two states either in opposition, in conflict, as parallels or in confluence are inherent in life, art and philosophy. In Dvayam, we explore these inherent dualities through music, rhythm, expression and poetry. The theme is explored in it’s various dimensions ranging from the very essence of dance – of capturing the stillness in movement, to the different ways of realizing the divine – of devotion to the supreme through sensual love, a metaphor for the longing experienced by the human soul to unite with the supreme. The most poignant of all being the duality we experience most often as humans, a conflict between heart and rational mind, man and society, right and wrong and of hope and despair.

Duration: 90 min, Performed solo with live music


OM is not just a chant or vibration, but a symbol of supreme consciousness or pure existence. Omkara is an exploration of the profound meaning of the chant OM though the expressive movement language of Bharatanatyam.

Duration: 60 min, Performed solo with live or recorded music